Natural Healing Solutions, LLC Gets You Back into the Balance of Nature!

Water is a key element of all life and our Structured Water Units increase the “Life Energy” in Water, which guarantees significant improvement of Feed & Nutrient conversion Rations in Poultry, Livestock and Produce.

For 10 years now we have made great strides in helping people understand that they are drinking, bathing & cooking with the wrong water.  The surface tension of structured water should be no more than 46 dynes. This creates Angstrom size water molecules that uptake quickly into plants, animals and humans.  Lack of hydration is the main CAUSE for many health problems for plants, animals & humans.

We do not get minerals from the water we drink. the way you get your minerals is from the plants you eat. The fact that water is contaminated with chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, etc. these chemicals destroy any minerals that may be in the drinking water.  Plus the minerals that the human body needs is ‘organic minerals’ not ‘inorganic minerals’ from the ground which the body cannot utilize.

Explore the countless benefits possible on your Farm, Garden, Nursery, Commercial Poultry or Livestock Operation that will save you thousands of dollars and significantly increase quality, yield and earnings each year!

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