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Hello! My name is Dr. Russ Newman and I am a Holistic Doctor in Mena, Arkansas. I teach Sustainable Living, Organic Gardening, Natural Healing and Energy Medicine for the past 20 years. As a professional speaker I have provided hundreds of workshops that I teach for sustainable home gardeners & farmers. We have a new "Organic One" non-toxic Fire Ant Killer. (actually kills over 50 other bugs). You can go to my new web site and pull up a flyer in the download box for "Organic One". https://organiconeofarkansas.com The second thing I teach is how to use powerful 'Structured Water' for Gardens & Farmers. This will greatly increase their Brix levels in all plant life, increase yield 30-50%, use 30% + less water, less infection and disease in plants and animals, healthier Livestock and Poultry, chicken and egg production lasts longer. There is a second download at the above site for 'Gardening & farming with Structured Water'. As a Holistic Doctor I am very concerned for our farmers & gardeners and I want to work with them on a Holistic Level to improve plant & animal health! I do free consultations on the phone for family health and plants & animal health. I look forward to working with you. Dr. Russ Newman, CL, PMD, DCT, PSc.D Certified Lymphologist Doctor of Preventative Medicine Doctor of Clinical Therapy Doctor of Pastoral Science & Medicine Matrix Energetics Specialist Natural Healing Solutions, LLC Mena, Arkansas 71953 602.524.5008 cell

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Hi Doc, We have been drinking structured water for about 6 weeks now and

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