Hi Doc Russ,

Uh well,  I hate to admit it but we are down to 2 air restores in our house. We had 8: 3 went to our daughters, and they all are on the envelope system saving to buy themselves more.  The rest (except our 2 we have) are “out” to reliable friends who wanted to try them.  I have given them the information on them and your contact info.  I have told them I needed them back, but haven’t heard anything much except they liked what they do. 

But I am feeling great thanks to your advice, the oregano, the air restores, the biomat, and the shower unit.  My husband said he wanted to put a house unit on at the well, so that is encouraging, and he also said we should have ordered more of those air restores.  His bone spurs are so bad he’s on the verge of the removal surgery, and anesthetics seem to make him “off” for 6 mo., so we will see what progress we can make before that happens. He doesn’t believe in energy healing but he sure is sitting close to the air restore, using the biomat, and uses the shower unit for his glasses of water.

Thanks, Doc Russ, for all you do.