Doc Russ,

You probably remember the first time I hopped into your office using a cane.  The torn cartilage in my right knee made it impossible to put any weight on my foot, and it was very painful.  After analyzing my situation and doing some energy healing, you put me on your Bio Mat and began massaging lymph nodes to get the system flowing.  By the time the session ended, I could feel blood flowing to all extremities; and knew instantly that I would not need knee replacement surgery as prescribed by my physician.  Incidentally, if you remember, I walked out of your office after the healing session, both feet flat on the floor, feeling no pain, and without the help of a cane.

The Structured water units have been amazing, we have house units at several homes and it helped me sell my house in Arizona.  Our fruit trees are abundant this year and our pool is very pristine with no chemicals.  Best of all we can finally shower and drink non toxic water and cannot get enough of it!

Thank you, thank you for encouraging me to get my own Bio Mat for continual healing and good health.  Let me tell you though…my healing has not stopped with the Bio Mat.  As you guided me to do, I am now taking the Lugol’s Iodine instead of the thyroid meds that I had been on for 15 years.  What a great feeling to be rid of taking that drug.  By taking 2 drops of Iodine a day and adding 2 drops each day, on your protocol until I felt my body balanced, I have been able to figure out that 10 drops per day fits my metabolism needs.

Oh,  I forgot to tell you…another great surprise using the Bio Mat.  My depression has disappeared!  I realized it after only a couple of weeks on the mat.  I never told you earlier, but depression has plagued me most of my life.  Now, after 3 months on the mat, it is wonderful to report there hasn’t been a single occurrence.    In fact, I continually have a sense of well being these days…for which I am very grateful.

Praise God, and thank you, Doc Russ.



Lil, you have been the best student ever to follow directions/protocols and are now reaping the results!

Thanks for the kind words, Be Blessed!

Doc Russ