Hi Doc,

We have been drinking structured water for about 6 weeks now and have had our AirRestore for about a month. We love the crystal clear water that flows from every faucet in our house. My husband, who was a serious skeptic in the beginning said to me the other night that he thought his bath water looked ultra clear. We have another structured unit in our pool and it is incredible how pristine our water is!  The water feels lighter too and feels great to swim in without any chemicals. I love knowing that we are giving ourselves and our dogs the cleanest, clearest water possible. 

As dog breeders we are always concerned about odors, especially with the puppies as people visit our home frequently to see the puppies. The other day my son-in-law walked into our puppy room and remarked that that “thing” must really be working because he couldn’t smell anything!

I think my husband’s snoring has improved as well OR I’m just sleeping so much more soundly that I don’t hear it. Either way, it’s a good thing we have the Tempest.
Thank you for helping to improve our lives with structured water and AirRestore!


Cathy, you have the best of everything going for you! Just a couple simple changes in water and air can greatly boost your immune system for your family and pets and give you an overall feeling of wellness everyday.  Plus you are following your protocol and life is good!

For your dogs you will notice that their skin is clearer, hair comes in strong & thick, and blemishes for you and your dogs will disappear. There is a great ‘water test’ for all animals, put a bowel of your old tap water (or bottled water) and a bowel of your structured water in front of them, they will always drink from the structured water every time!  Animals know instinctively what is toxic and what is not.  Remember to put a cup of structured water in your radiator overflow tank in your vehicles you will see how much better your cars will run.  I always encourage everyone who works outside to carry a bpa free structured water bottle with a teaspoon of sea salt that will keep them well hydrated and avoid heat stroke while working in the sun.

It’s amazing how well balanced you will feel, brain fog goes away and you will think clearer when your body and brain are hydrated with structured water! Thanks for sharing!

Stay Healthy,
Doc Russ  602.524.5008